Sunday, November 30, 2008


I heard a great joke today! If pro is the opposite of con, than isn't the opposite of progress, congress? Ha! Ha! It has already been interesting to see how President Elect Obama is taking control before he is inaugurated. In January we will again be a country dominated by the Democratic party. It will be fascinating to see if it makes any difference at all. It needs to, and I believe that America is hopeful that we will see 'CHANGE'! Historically, however, (at least since 1968) we have become a country of divided government where we like to have one party in the executive branch and another that controls Congress. We will have to wait a couple of years. Only time will tell, but we may have hit a new era in politics! Hooray!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we enter the holiday season, I would like you to consider Thanksgiving from a political perspective. How did it originate and how did our government go about making this a holiday and ever present institution in our society?

Do a little research and comment on these questions for extra credit!

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with each of you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and eat A LOT of turkey:-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get ready!

The text we will be using for the course is American Government: Brief Version (7th edition) by James Q. Wilson. You will have the option of purchasing the book if you want to highlight it. You can buy it from for cost ($85) or online. There are many used copies that you can buy for a fraction of the price on

If you do not want to purchase the text. I would highly reccommend purchasing the study guide that goes along with it. I will not have these available for you. You will have to track it down online.

We will also be reading from the Lanahan reader which I will provide.

Let me know if you have any questions pertaining to the materials we will be using.


Welcome to my blog! I am finally getting organized. It is my hope to establish this blog for my students. I want to post material that will help my AP GOPO kids be successful throughout the course. I am hoping to include a calendar of events, announcements, and post relevant current events. My class won't start until January, but I am already prepping for it. So.... here it goes!

Those of you who are reading this blog and are enrolled in my class need to check out this site on a weekly basis for information pertaining to class! It is my fervent hope to make you all government geeks by the end of this endeavor:-) In order to start your journey down that path, please read the announcement below for an invaluable opportunity!


If you were unable to make the meeting at lunch last Wednesday and Thursday (11/20), I introduced an OPTIONAL pre-reading assignment. If you are interested you will need to read The Way to Win: Taking The White House in 2008 by Mark Halperin and John F. Harris and write a paper. You may download the assignment and the grading rubric. This assignment will be due on the FIRST day of class - January 19, 2009. If you complete the assignment you will be able to drop your lowest test score or not take a test of your choice during the semester.

I only have a limited number of copies (30 for 52 kids enrolled), so books are on a first come, first serve basis. I have 11 copies left. If you are interested in completing the assignment, but can't borrow a book, you may buy it online and I will buy it back from you when you are finished with it.
This book is about political strategy. It is not a dense reading assignment. There are also sections you may skip and still get the gist of it. All of these things are outlined in the assignment.
Good Luck and I look forward to working with all of you.